Can my child wear goggles during their lesson?
Once a child is able to swim the full length of the pool unassisted are they allowed to wear goggles in the pool during their lesson. The reason behind this logic is simple, and centered around safety. We do not allow the child to wear goggles until they are able to swim comfortably and well on their own. If the child always wears goggles in the pool on a regular basis and are not used to swimming without them, happens to fall into the pool one day without them, most likely the child will panic and not be able to swim like the would if they had goggles on.

What should my child bring with them to their lesson?
Towel, swimsuit, flip flops/crocs/shoes for before/after the lessons, a change of clothes, and swim diapers (if they are not 100% potty trained). There are changing rooms and showers for you to use before and after your lesson (located off of the deck).

What do I do if my child is sick, or we are going to be out of town during our lesson? What is Wolfies’ policy about makeup lessons?
Please contact us as the earliest convenience. With 24 hour notice, private and semi-private lessons are allotted one makeup lesson per month. If this is the case, please contact us at 281-844-4481 or email us. Group lessons do not have a makeup.

When am I billed for my child’s swim lessons?
Wolfies Swim School will auto-bill your credit/debit card on file the 1st of the month for that particular month of lessons.

What if I want to cancel my swim lessons?
Wolfies requires 14 days written notice before your last requested lesson date to cancel your lesson. This includes weekly lessons, at home lessons, and everyday lessons. Should 14 days written notice not be given prior to the date of the final lesson, you are billed for the entire upcoming session. Should you have any interest in discontinuing your lessons, HERE is the official cancellation form that must be filled out.

Do I have to re-enroll in lessons every month/session?
No! Our enrollment at Wolfies is ongoing and continual. You will have your same day and time every week until it no longer fits your schedule. Please note that this only applies to weekly/year-round lessons. Should you need to make any schedule changes, please let management know at your earliest convenience.

What if my child isn’t potty trained?
If your child is not potty trained, they are required to wear a disposable swim diaper with a reusable swim diaper over it.

Do you offer at-home lessons?
Yes! We offer at home lessons starting in March and ending in October. We service the West U, Bellaire, Heights, Memorial, River Oaks, Upper Kirby, Medical Center, Greenway Plaza, Meyerland, Braeswood, and Montrose and Museum District areas. Call 281.844.4481 for pricing and availability.

Do your instructors have experience working with special needs children?
Yes! We have experience working with special needs children from Autism to Cerebral Palsy. If you have any specific inquiries, feel free to reach out and ask!

What certifications do your instructors have / what training do they undergo?
All Wolfies instructors undergo 50 hours of training under our specially designed Wolfies curriculum. In addition, all instructors are lifeguard and CPR certified.

Why am I not allowed on the pool deck while my child is in the water?
Simply put, it is a distraction for the child. During the colder months, as per the West University Rec Center policy, the garage doors are to be kept closed, thus making the pool deck area easily crowded. There are two designated viewing areas for you to watch your child’s lesson. However, during the warmer months the garage doors in the pool area are open, allowing for you to sit outside on the deck behind the garage doors and watch!

Am I able to talk to my child’s swim instructor?
Yes! Wolfies prides ourselves in allowing for parent/instructor interaction. The last three minutes of your lesson are used as a communication window for you to speak with your child’s instructor. During this time you will find out how the lesson went, what progress was made, and what goals have been set.

How long will it take my child to learn how to swim?
The more often a child is in the water with us taking lessons or with mom and dad practicing, the quicker he or she will acclimate to the water and pick up the skill sets. Each child is different and learns at their own pace, hence the reason why a timeline cannot be applied to said child. We like to use the comparison of learning how to ride a bike or learning how to read. The more you practice, the faster you will pick it up.