Love Wolfies!

My 8 year old son was literally TERRIFIED of the water only two months ago. I signed him up for twice weekly private at home swim lessons with Ms. Lauren.
We are literally stunned at the difference. Luca went from being afraid of the water to swimming like a fish. He proudly showed me how he can do a double flip under water last weekend!
Not only has he learned how to swim but he loves it so much that he wants to spend all day in the pool!!
With both parents working, having the luxury of having at home private lessons was amazing.
I can not believe how much of a difference two months can make. Not only is Luca now physically safe around water, but his self confidence has increased as well.
This past weekend he was able to participate in his first ever “pool party” and had a blast!!!
We will definitely be using Ms Lauren and Wolfies next summer!