My children have both been with Wolfies since they were babies. Mr. Juwan is the best, he pays attention to each of my children's personalities and has have given them the confidence in the pool and the tools to swim and participate safely. We are so happy to see Mr. Juwan's smiling face each week.
Mollie Pappas
Mr. Juwan/Bellaire
My kids have always hated swim classes, until we brought them to Wolfie's. They LOVE it! Not sure what they do that is so different, but I've never seen my kids so excited about swim class. We are very happy to have found it.
We can’t say enough good things about Wolfies and Mr. Juwan. His teaching really “clicked” with our daughter and helped her learn to love swim lessons and gain confidence in her ability to swim all while learning pool safety.
Hays McAllister
Mr. Juwan / Bellaire
We started with Wolfies in the baby Mom and Me class and 4 years later we still love the skills be taught and reinforced. These skills have allowed him to swim competitively and we have Wolfies to thank! We have loved all our instructors at each level. We love Wolfies!
We have been enrolled in the Mom and Me Bigs class for one month and are loving it! Mr. Chris is our instructor, and he is great with the little ones. We have greatly enjoyed our time at Wolfies!
Mallory Richardson
Wolfies Swim Lessons - Mom and Me Bigs
We decided to enroll Baby V in swimming classes because we wanted to give her the survival skills any kid should have when it comes to water and pool. However, we also wanted her to be around people and kids. Her first month was hard. She was soon known as the crying, but she soon felt happy in the water and with her instructors. She now smiles and has so much fun. She has learned how to climb the wall and that it's just one of many other things I'm sure she will learn with Wolfies. I am really happy for finding Wolfies and having Baby V with you. We love Miss Victoria. She is an amazing teacher!
Mrs. Horten
Houston, TX