November 2023: Wolfies’ Season of Giving

For this Wolfies’ Season of Giving, in honor of their late niece Scout, we have nominated a Wolfies Family to emphasize the importance of water safety. We will shower the Owens Family with Holiday Cheer and fulfill their Christmas wish list. Here is Scout’s Story:

On September 12, 2022, my husband and I received news that our two-year-old niece, Scout, had drowned. We were not only devastated but also torn on how we’d be sharing this with our children who loved their little cousin dearly. As our family pushed through the tough first few months, we realized we could not allow something like this to happen again! We heard about Wolfies Swim School from family friends and signed our children up. Amina, who was born one month after her cousin’s passing, is now one year old and has shown incredible improvement with her skills in the water, as well as her level of confidence. Aurora and Memnon can now safely get themselves out of the water if they fall in; this is huge considering they started with no experience! The peace of mind that comes with this knowing… is priceless.

Some days it’s a hassle to get Aurora and Memnon in the water. After several failed tactics, one day we took a picture of Scout with us to Wolfies, in hopes they would swim without pushback. While driving to their lesson I could hear them debating with Scout’s photo, “watch how I float” said Memnon. “No! Make sure you watch me” replied Aurora. During their lessons they proudly told their instructors and everyone within earshot all about their cousin, Scouty Wouty. They even found joy in showing her every inch of the locker room. Remembering WHY they take lessons inspired them to give it their all!”